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First and foremost, it's the people. Shared passion and experience in repairing 4×4 vehicles combined with the latest professional equipment allows us to meet even the most demanding tasks, regardless of whether it is another service, rebuilding a car to meet the needs of the customer, or building an off-road vehicle from scratch. We adapt take vehicles to the needs of such services as border guards, fire brigade, police, army, WOPR, etc.


In addition, we are engaged in comprehensive car restoration, frame and chassis maintenance, service of winches, application of polyurethane protective coatings. Cars that left our company premiered thousands of kilometers in the wilderness of Morocco, Mongolia, Siberia, Albania, Mauritania and many other countries of Europe, Asia and Africa.

Rid cars built or serviced in our company have participated many times in many national and European rallies, including Great Escape, MT Rally, Dresden - Wroclaw, Baja Hungary, Baja Saxonia, Baja Poland. Some of them you can see HERE

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